Visit Garnier Vineyards | Columbia Gorge Tasting Room
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February 15th, we officially
open for the season!
Visit us Saturday & Sundays
thru the end of March
from 12pm to 4pm.
April 5th thru the end of November
our hours are
Friday thru Sunday
from 12pm to 5pm!

8467 Highway 30 West

Mosier, OR 97040 (Google Map)

(541) 478-2200
Call for an appointment Monday thru Thursday


The historic Mayerdale estate is established as a 232-acre orchard and ranch.


Garnier Vineyards is planted on the western end of Mayerdale, overlooking the Columbia River.


Our tasting room opens, introducing visitors to Garnier Vineyards wines and the historic Mayerdale property.

Upcoming Events

February 15th thru February 18th ~ Join us for the official start to the 2019 Season as we kick off during Presidents Day Weekend! Open Friday thru Monday from 12pm to 4pm.